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Our Innovative Combat Simulation System has recently received a Prestigious Award at a Defense Competition held at the highest level of the Bangladesh Army.



We have Delivered Highly Modified Military Shipping Containers to the Bangladesh Army

We are capable of producing shipping containers for Government and commercial projects with a variety of modifications and applications.

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Local Roots, Global Outlook

Embedded, Mechanical and Electromechanical Systems

One of the most forward-thinking engineering companies in Bangladesh. We are specialists in Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems, and Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

We are manufacturers of Panel Boards and Distribution Boards.

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We are Embedded Engineering Experts

The Most Competent Embedded Engineering Team is at your Disposal

We can take your Embedded Engineering Idea from the Idea Stage to Prototype, and ready for production. Whether a one-time project or batch production, we know how to make it work. We can assist you with professional/industrial Electronics Components selection for your  project as well as sourcing and assembly/integration. 

We provide ground solutions that are well-engineered, pragmatic and innovative, using the specialist skills and experience of our team, to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Who We are

What makes the SIGAS team different?

We are pursuing projects in a wide area of technological fields such as robotics, military simulation, COMs, agriculture and mosquito control. Embedded engineering is one of our main areas of work. We are experts in machining a wide variety of materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nylon, and Teflon among others. We can make any part or assembly as per your design. We are also experts in metal fabrication using steel/aluminum. We are specialized in manufacturing metal enclosures, and all types of metal fixtures and parts for machines or any projects that our clients require help with. Established in 2017, SIGAS is a private engineering design and production consultancy in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Use our Machining Expertise to get your parts On Time, On Budget, and without breaking a sweat

Share your Designs in CAD or let us design it for you
Finalize your requirements and materials (Mild Steel/Stainless Steel/aluminum/brass/nylon/teflon)
We will machine the part for you and get it ready for pickup or delivery to your offices

Our Offered Services

Automation Services

  • Automation Design using various controllers
  • PLC Automation System Implementation and Installation

Embedded Engineering Services

  • New Product Design and Prototyping
  • Design and Prototyping of Embedded Systems
  • Electronics and Power Management Design
  • Battery and Battery Management System Design
  • Solid Works Design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Printing

Power Board Design and Build

  • Distribution Board (DB) Box Design and Manufacturing
  • Panel Board Design and Manufacturing

Machining Services

  • Mechanical Systems Design and Build
  • Machining Metal on Lathe
  • Vertical Milling of Metal
  • Horizontal Milling of Metal
  • 4 Axis Metal Machining
  • 5 Axis Metal Machining
  • Electronics Enclosure Design and Manufacturing
  • Metal Mold Making
  • Gear and Pulley Manufacturing

Ready to get started with us?

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